What is the product?

An excel based productivity and timesheet system for a local company. Excel was the preferred option rather than a web based solution. This replaced the paper based documentation which was time-consuming and error-strewn.

What does the product do?

The product consists of 3 main areas which are: Production line documentation, Daily productivity summary sheet, Operator data summary sheet.

Area 1: Production line documentation.

This consists of an excel workbook for each production line with 3 linked worksheets which covers the following:

Worksheet 1: Tracking of operator movements on and off production lines.

Operator data sheet

Worksheet 2: Recording of jobs and quantities produced on the production line.

Production data sheet

Worksheet 3: The calculation of the productivity per job based upon worksheets 1 and 2.

Line productivity summary sheet

Area 2: Daily productivity summary sheet.

This links to each of the individual production line sheets to produce a daily productivity report to assess overall performance. This report is also used to update production plans and schedules.

Daily productivity summary sheet

Area 3: Operator data summary sheet

This links to each of the individual line sheets to produce a daily operator movement report for wages department.

Daily operator summary sheet

Error checking and prevention

To reduce the number of errors happening error checking, data validation lists and user prompts were added to reduce the number of errors that could occur.

Line productivity summary sheet