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Website Design & Development Services


I can build you a new bespoke website to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a blog for producing great content, a local business page, a landing page for your new product or an online ecommerce shop/store I can help.


I can update your existing website. Whether you need more functionality such as a contact form added, images and content updated, upgrading to mobile responsive website design or upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS I can help.


I can fix issues with your existing website. I can fix the layout or functionality of your website no matter how small or large the issue. Whether you have broken links, broken contact forms or a broken layout I can help.


I am adept at Microsoft Excel so I can design, update or fix your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for both personal or business use.

A little about me

Wayne Neesam Web Design & Development in Cramlington, Northumberland

My name is Wayne Neesam and I live in Cramlington, Northumberland. I currently work part-time as a Production Planner and part-time as a Web Designer / Developer however my aim is to transition into full-time Web Design & Development.

I consider myself to have high standards as I like to ensure that everything I do is just right. Maybe I am a bit of a perfectionist but there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Proof of my high standard of work is that I have a First Class Bachelor's degree with Honours, BSc (Hons), in Software Applications. I was also awarded the ‘Accenture Student of the Year’ for my dissertation project after receiving the highest mark ever awarded by the Newcastle College Digital Skills Academy.

It is impossible to know and to have done everything in Web Development and as a result, if there is something I cannot do I will be honest and tell you. However, just because I haven't done something yet doesn't mean I cannot do it. Why not learn together! As the saying goes:"

"Learn by doing!"

The main thing for me is that you come away with a product or service that is 'fit for purpose', 'suits your specific needs' and 'adds value' to you and/or your business.

I am proficient in the following web design / development areas:

Website Design & Development using HTML


Website Design & Development using CSS


Website Design & Development using Bootstrap Framework


Website Design & Development using JavaScript


Website Design & Development using jQuery


Website Design & Development using PHP


Website Design & Development using MySQL


Website Design & Development using WordPress


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Development


Website Design & Development for Ecommerce Shops

Ecommerce / E-shop

Website Design & Development using Woocommerce

Woocommerce Shop

Website Design & Development using API

API Integration

Website Design & Development using Mobile Responsive Designs

Mobile Responsive Design

Website Design & Development using Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Design & Development leveraging Google Adwords Marketing

Google Adwords Marketing

Why Choose Me For Your Web Design Projects?

Unlike big Web Design & Development Agencies, I can offer a personable, flexible, trustworthy and affordable service which focuses on your specific Web Design & Development needs meaning that you will not be passed from department to department or developer to developer.

Instead, I will work with you from the start of your Web Design project to the finish of your Web Design project meaning that you can be confident that your needs and your requirements will not be lost in translation.

I am not just interested in 'selling you a website' and then moving on quickly to my next sale, I want to create a website that 'fits your specific needs and requirements' and actually 'solves the problems you have'.

After all, a website is useless if it doesn't help you achieve your specific goals and targets. This would only leave you unhappy which is not in my best interests as I would love to establish a long and fruitful relationship which could lead to future Web Design & Development work from you, your friends and your colleagues.

Also, as a Freelance Web Designer / Developer, I am also able to offer a very flexible service as I am not bound to a '9 to 5' Monday to Friday' structure.

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